Calling All Couches!

Want Free Art?!?  Love meeting new people!?!  Live somewhere with beds, couches, or mattresses?!?

You could help TiFf in a BIG way without having to lift a finger!  You set the terms and let us introduce you to your new best friend(s)!

What Couches Have to Do with Fringe?

We here at TiFf are striving to produce the best festival we can, for our artists as well as our audience members!  Many of our acts are traveling from out of town; some from as far away as Australia!  For our out of town guests, we’re working hard to find free and friendly accommodations, but it’s not easy – we’re a first year festival on a tight budget!

How Can I Help?

Do you live in a house, condo or apartment?  Do you have a couch, spare bed, or blow-up mattress you would like to share with an awesome, quirky, artsy bohemian type from out of town?  Then you have the power to make a fringe artist’s festival!  Fill out this form to volunteer your spare room or couch today!  We’re asking for crash space for one or more artists for eleven days in May (2nd-13th). If you have slightly less availability than that, still get in touch as a few of our artists will only be here for part of the fest!  

What’s In It For Me?

We will love you, literally, forever.  Plus, you get the satisfaction of helping us make TiFf a reality!  You will also have the opportunity to hang out with a cool out-of-towner who will shower you with gratitude for your generosity. In addition to all of that, we will furnish you with one Eliminator Pass, granting you special VIP access across the entire festival!  What more could you want?  Contact us today!