For Performers

If you think you’re Fringe material, here’s what you do: To participate in TIFF, simply fill out the application below, and then pay the non-refundable $25 application fee via Paypal below that. The application deadline is JANUARY 31st, 5pm EST! On February 3rd, we will hold a live drawing from which we will pull the names for the first TIFF (May 11-14). We estimate currently that we can pull 14 shows for the first year, possibly more, if we can squeeze them in. The remaining names will be drawn and placed on a waitlist in order, and should one of the selected shows drop out for any reason, waitlisted names will be taken from there. What YOU get from us:
  • 100% of the box office!
  • A chance to experiment and try something new.
  • Three performances in a venue seating between 30-60 people, with lighting, PA, technician, 1 hour tech time (it’s fringe).
  • To hang out in Florida! In the sun. There’s a water park, and Busch Gardens, you know…
  • Parties EVERY night at Fringe Central!
  • And of course, to help us jump-start a new fringe that would kick off the Fringe touring circuit for artists coming from as close as home to as far away as Antarctica! Well, probably not Antarctica but you get the idea.
What YOU do: Fill out the application and pay the fee. When you are selected, you have three days (5pm Feb 6th) to pay the $100 registration fee. (Most festivals are Much more expensive, because that’s how they make their money – but it’s our first year – we just want you guys to get involved!) Get a show together. It can be just you, or a bunch of folks. You may have a show already in the can, or you may be making up a title and then writing a show when you get in. But you need a show, by May 10th because that is TECH DAY. If you didn’t write/devise/create this show yourself (which we highly encourage), GET THE RIGHTS. We will be in no way liable for legal ramifications here. Get people to come to your show! You keep 100% of the box office proceeds, so the more people you get to come, the more money you can put in your pocket, and the more people will know about Fringe, and they will go see other people’s shows too, and the cycle continues… Publicize your show! We will put you in our Fringe Guide, and will publicize the festival in general, but getting posters out there, postcards in the mail, emails, Facebook events – you know the drill. Email local newspapers, TV & radio stations too.  


When you are finished with the application, pay the $25 application fee and you are all set. Make sure you use the same email address and/or name that is on the application for your payment!