The 500 List

12 + 3 | Houston, TX | Music Storytelling | 65 min.
In this award winning Musical Storytelling piece; Two best friends listen to each others’ 500 favorite songs of all time and drive across America, learning about friendship, danger, and love.


$10/$5 kids - 1 kid free with SNAP/WIC card | Tampa, FL | Acrobatics | 60 min.
Come Flip, Turn, Tumble, Bend and Stack with the zany acrobats of Acrobellum. Join the Acrobelles and Acrobubs in this family-friendly, people-stacking, comedy side show! Both shows will be different so try to catch’em all.

Be A Pirate!

$10 + 3 | Lakeland, FL | Musical | 60 min.
"Join Shaktooth Sam on a rollicking adventure of pirate stories and songs and learn how he became a different kind of pirate rogue. Fun for the family, 8 and up."

Can(t) Relate

$10 + 3 | Tampa, FL | Theatre | 60 min.
Covid was hard. Showing up for class was harder. Three high school students have nothing in common except failing grades. What's a high school theater teacher to do? Force them to write a play together of course!

Cemetery Golf

$13 + 3, $7 + 3 students & military | Venice, CA | Storytelling | 60 min.
Live-wire solo performance brings you the Deep South, with preachers shoutin’ from the mountaintops, mamas pickin’ switches and Hellfire just a heartbeat away. Witty insightful storytelling, quirky characters, Gospel music.

Fringin' & Flagons

$10 + 3 | Groveland, FL | Comedy | 60 min.
Assemble your party, grab your dice and roll initiative as you become the hands of fate that can aid or doom our heroes in this hilarious D&D impov Comedy Show!!

The Little Merman from the Black Lagoon

$13 + 3 | Orlando, FL | Parody | 70 min.
1950's monster movie meets classic cartoon fairy tale! A group of scientists traveling the Amazon in search of the legendary 'Gill-Man', come face to face with Ethyl the Merman and his friends from "under the lagoon".

Mom in Transition

$10 + 3 | NYC, NY | Storytelling | 60 min.
When a baby boomer mom (Elyssa Rosen) learns that her millennial son is becoming her daughter, she tries everything to stop this huge change from disrupting HER normal life.

Moving the Mountain

$10 + 3 | Cincinnati, OH | Comedy | 60 min.
"A one-puppet comedy show about what it means to crush your demons, and kiss them goodbye. A mountainous puppet (EDNA), is slowly destroyed by Abby, the puppeteer. Expect nothing but broken expectations in this interactive experience. How do you make skates from shoelaces? What do mosh pits teach us about letting go? How does joy help you conquer life’s mountains?"

Mrs. Bliss's Titanic Adventure

$12 + 3 | Tampa, FL | Comedy | 60 min.
"A disillusioned actress is working in a Titanic exhibition when an intriguing stranger lures her into an unreal adventure. Can she avert disaster? And what can possibly go wrong?"

PREACH! The Second Coming

$10 + 3 | Tampa, FL | Improv | 45 min.
"2021 marks the return of Scott Swenson’s one man show, PREACH! 2 The Second Coming: Another Evening of Improvised Inappropriate Sermons. Go back “to church” for even more offensive oration!"

A Rocky, Whorish Patter Show

$10 + 3 | Tampa, FL | Burlesque | 45 min.
Cabaret headliner Vulva Va-Voom (a charismatically bizarre comedian) takes you on a strange, oversexed journey. Nerdy! Imaginative! Multi-media & interactive! This "intellectual burlesque" song-‘n’-dance neo-Vaudevillian examines fandom, fantasy, obsessions, and titties.

The Sack: A Play on Superheroes

$10 + 3 | Palm Harbor, FL | Satire Theatre | 60 min.
"Spyn Isaac was a nobody until he discovered he had the ability to redirect projectiles aimed at him. Watch him reenact his rise to a superhero while playing every character!"

Trailer Park Jesus

$10 + 3 | Ozark, AL | 40 min.
"From the “minds” that gave you CARRIES LITTLE LAMBS comes the Q&A to change your life...with The Savior...in his trailer park... TRAILER PARK JESUS!"

Wilson Goes to Grad School

$10 + 3| Tampa, FL | Theatre | 60 min.
"Wilson is shook. What’s a heady cactus to do? Come help him work through the trauma of grad school chaos, Covid seclusion leading to hedonism, and a spiny personality."