About TiFf

The Tampa International Fringe Festival…

Is Tampa’s first open-access, uncensored, international fringe theatre festival.  We adhere to the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF) model in that we:

  • Are primarily based around indoor theatre productions.
  • Are completely uncensored.
  • Accept companies through a lottery.
  • Return 100 percent of the money generated from ticket sales to the artists themselves.

In addition to following the CAFF model we have situated our festival to sit at the very beginning of the CAFF Festival Circuit, which begins in mid-May at the Orlando Fringe (the US’s oldest fringe festival), travels up the east coast and then westward across Canada throughout the summer, ending in California at the SF Fringe.  Positioned, as we are, at this time and place (early May, just near Orlando), we are ideally positioned to kick off the yearly fringe circuit, with many international and national acts debuting their work right here in Tampa!