Apply for 2019!

Applications for the 2019 Tampa Fringe lottery are now closed.

Stay tuned for applications opening for BYOV shows.


Applications for the third annual Tampa International Fringe Festival open at midnight the first Friday of September! (technically September 8th)


  • 5pm EST November 15th earlybird – $25 application deadline
  • 5pm EST December 7th, 2018 – $35 Final application deadline
  • 7pm EST December 10th, 2018 – LOTTERY DRAWING PARTY! Location TBA

*NOTE* Only one application per company presenting. This is why we require a show title, and the name of the person representing the company – this person may only apply one time. This is to avoid folks trying to take advantage of the system with multiple applications – therefore, we will monitor applications for this sort of activity and be in touch accordingly. Play fair!

CHANGES for 2019!

  • Local acts are defined now as only those within a 30 mile radius of Ybor City.
    • We are aware that there were “local” acts last year that were not really local. This is a measure by which we hope to increase the community aspect of our festival. With this, if YOU applied from within this radius last year, and did not get in, we invite you to reapply for the 2019 with the application fee waived.
  • This year we are introducing a Spanish-language and Diversity lottery!
  • Weekday showtimes will no longer begin at 6pm.
    • We were aware of the effect Tampa traffic had on these shows in 2018.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday will remain fully dark, with Monday remaining open as many industry folks have only this day off.
  • Touring artists – if you need to request a partial run, you may do so on your application, there will be limited (but some) spots for this. Please bear in mind, however, that the first week especially in Tampa can important to be present for.

What you get from US:

100% of the box office!

At least FIVE performances at a venue with box office volunteers, a technician, and basic technical abilities at a minimum.

A chance to experiment and try something new.

Your show in the Fringe Guide with 15K in distribution, and mentioned via social media pushes on Facebook & Twitter.

Possible billeting for out-of-towners. Last year we managed to house EVERYONE!

Possible distribution of your promotional materials in advance of the festival.

To hang out in Florida! In the sun. There’s a water park, and Busch Gardens, you know…last year we had the BEST beach day after the festival, and we will do so again!

If you are continuing to another Fringe after this, it’s a great way to develop and perfect a brand new work in front of a welcoming audience.

Parties!!! It’s Florida. We like to party, what can we say?

What YOU do:

Apply and pay the non-refundable application fee (unless a local who applied unsuccessfully in 2018). When you are selected, you have four days to pay the $275 registration fee.

Get a show together. It can be just you, or a bunch of folks. You may have a show already in the can, or you may be making up a title and then writing a show when you get in. But you need a show, by tech time!

If you didn’t write/devise/create this show yourself (which we highly encourage), GET THE RIGHTS. We will be in no way liable for legal ramifications here.

Get people to come to your show! You keep 100% of the box office proceeds, so the more people you get to come, the more money you can put in your pocket, and the more people will know about Fringe, the more people will go see other shows too, and the cycle continues…

The Application below will go live at midnight Friday (technically September 8th, EST).


Pay your Application Fee below!

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