Are You Lovin’ It?

Theatre Group GUMBO (Japan) presents:

Are You Lovin’ It?

Weds May 9 10:15pm, Thurs May 10 7:30pm,  Fri May 11 7:30pm,

Sat May 12 10:15pm

Winner of “Outstanding Comedy” and “Artists’ Pick Award” at the 2016
and 2017 San Diego Fringe Festival.

Japanese GUMBO invites you to a surreal romp with dancing Japanese
businessmen, everyone’s favorite Krazy Kitty, many Poos and delicious
WacDonalds for all. We won’t let you stop your laughter!

GUMBO means JUMBLE in African language, it was named for an intention
to make drama with a strange power that overflows from inside.

GUMBO’s work is frantic, high energy, grotesque and full of black humor.
Through aggressive direction, they expose the lies and truth of
contemporary living, tempered only by laughing which hovers disturbingly
between the ecstatic and hysterical.

GUMBO was established in 1994, and has since received many
international awards including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Spirit of the
Fringe award in 1998, Melbourne Fringe Festival Special Commendation
award in 2003, Australian Green Room Awards in 2013 and Hong Kong
Fringe Club Honorary Membership in 2015. Kayo Tamura, director also
received an award for her direction of the group with the “Emerging Artist
Prize” in 2003.

Comedy/Satire/Physical Theatre – 1 Hour
Tickets: $12 (+$3 festival support fee)

What is the Tampa International Fringe Festival? An uncensored performing arts festival May 3-12, 2018, featuring over 200 performances from companies all over the world, across all genres of live art – comedy, music, magic, and more.