Behind the Front Lines: Warriors and Wives

Theatre Nomads (Homestead, FL) presents:

Behind the Front Lines: Warriors and Wives

Fri May 12 9:25pm, Sat May 13 12:15pm, Sun May 14 5:50pm


Every day, thousands of soldiers answer the call of duty and charge headfirst into battle. But what happens to those they leave behind, and how do these men and women cope with the invisible wounds of war?

Everyone has a story to tell, but sometimes it seems that no one will listen. When you’ve put your life on the line, and faced death head on, it’s not easy to come back home and uncover the invisible wounds. Behind the Front Lines: Warriors and Wives tells the true stories of US Military personnel and their spouses, tackling the stigmas, exposing the struggles and celebrating the successes that come with the territory of being a military family, before and after their time on the front lines.

Drama – 50 minutes
Tickets: $10


Donations for two different military personnel help services will be collected as well. Charity information can be provided upon request.

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