Breakneck Julius Caesar

Featured Artist ProfileTimothy Mooney Repertory Theatre (Prospect Heights, IL) presents:

Breakneck Julius Caesar

Fri May 12 7:45pm, Sat May 13 12:30pm, Sun May 14 4:10pm


Tim Mooney, award-winning veteran of some sixty fringes, is rolling out his fourth one-man Shakespeare show, and his ninth one-man show overall, bringing the fringe premiere of Breakneck Julius Caesar to the Tampa Fringe Festival!


Comedy/Drama – 1 Hour
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As with his previous Shakespeare explorations, Breakneck Hamlet and Shakespeare’s Histories, Tim has recklessly sliced Shakespeare’s original down to a very fast one-hour event, racing through the history of the Roman Republic, on through the conspiracy, the Ides of March, Mark Antony’s brilliant eulogy, the public mutiny and the ultimate battle against the conspirators, Brutus and Cassius.

Mooney’s romp through historical events quickly familiarizes the audience with all the background they need for Shakespeare’s profound study in the ascent to ultimate power, and the fear and loathing stirred in those left behind in its wake. As in most of Mooney’s plays, such deep profundities also provide the backdrop for thick, poignant irony, and some fairly raucous humor.

Tim notes, “This time, I had no idea what I was getting into! I’ve never really understood Julius Caesar before; every production I’ve ever seen has been disappointing, and I never knew why until I took this deep dive into the play! And I’ve decided its because we mostly get the end of the play wrong! Every time I’ve ever seen this, the performers have taken Mark Antony’s final tribute to Brutus as if it were 100% sincere and I think it’s actually a really subversive joke. (Which changes everything!)”

Tim explains, “My intent is to add by subtraction. By clearing the story of a dozen actors and hours of dialogue, we surface the power that the original Elizabethan audience must have felt. We can finally see the forest in spite of all the trees, and what is revealed is a pretty spectacular, sensational, and often hilarious romp.”

Just last year, Tim toured Breakneck Hamlet to performances at the Orlando Fringe, followed by a tour of five Canadian Fringe festivals, while also stopping in Ireland, England and Denmark, (selling out shows in Denmark and Edmonton, while winning Best in Venue in Calgary.) When he isn’t Fringing, Tim brings his special take on classical theatre to colleges and high schools throughout the United States.

Mooney, the adaptor of 17 of the plays of Molière, is the author of the acting textbook, Acting at the Speed of Life; Conquering Theatrical Style. Both Shakespeares Histories and The Breakneck Hamlet Companion, have also been published, complete with his acting and historical notes on the action.

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FIVE STARS: “Neither Mooney, nor the audience can catch their breath.” (Vue Weekly)

4 1/2 STARS: “A great service a great introduction.” (Edmonton Journal)

“Had the audience in stitches clever and astute.” (Calgary Herald)

“A single hour that flies by powered by the energetic and riveting performance musts theatre.” (

“A whirlwind of wonderful.” (

“Astonishing a concise cliff hanger.” (

“A perfect gem” (

“Succinct and engaging animated and eloquent.” (The Pitch)

“Runs rings around that other performance by Mel Gibson.” (Nuvo Magazine)

“In never cared much for Hamlet But tonight my opinion was changed in 45 minutes.” (

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