Call It In The Air Parts 1 & 2


FloresAlexander presents:

Call It In The Air Parts 1 & 2

Part 1:

Thurs May 3 10:15pm, Sat May 5 6:15pm,  Sun May 6 6:30pm,

Part 2:

Thurs May 10 10:30pm, Fri May 11 6pm, Sat May 12 8:45pm

After two successful runs in New York, the exciting and engaging musical from Flores/Alexander opens for its Florida premier at the Tampa International Fringe Festival this May! Get your tickets today!

After returning home to his small town of Eureka, CA from a year in Los Angeles unsuccessfully chasing down a dream of making it as a musician, Owen is given the news that his long time on and off girlfriend is moving away and ending their relationship. In spite of this Owen decides to continue his dream of being a musician. Penny and her best friend Jordan drive away to Portland and along the way, Jordan reminds Penny that everyone does their best to let go of the past and move on to moving on.​

At his first concert back in his hometown, Owen meets Morgan, an up and coming political speechwriter between jobs. After a missed meeting, Owen becomes enamored with Morgan and hopes to know everything about her, all the way down to her favorite color. Taylor, Joey, and Lacey look on as Owen and Morgan hit off. They argue amongst themselves if this a good idea. Owen tells Morgan how excited he is they met and Morgan doesn’t want him to get ahead of himself. After a couple months have passed, Penny returns with news that doesn’t allow Owen to leave his life up to chance like he used to anymore. His choices polarize everyone around him and sets him on a journey of self-discovery through chance and choice.

Rock Musical – 1 Hour
Tickets: $12 (+$3 festival support fee)

What is the Tampa International Fringe Festival? An uncensored performing arts festival May 3-12, 2018, featuring over 200 performances from companies all over the world, across all genres of live art – comedy, music, magic, and more.