Sakhisizwe Edutaiment Productions (Stutterheim, South Africa) presents:


Thurs May 3 7:30pm, Fri May 4 10:45pm,  Sat May 5 9pm,

Mon May 7 6pm, Tues May 8 7:30pm, Weds May 9 9pm

This is a South African story of two shack dwellers trying to rebuild their shacks after being forcefully removed by the Cape Town City Municipality. The pain that these poor people share is invisible in the eyes of the rich politicians. In a country supposed to be democratic, the poor are still poor and the rich get richer everyday. An unforgiving country of racists, tribalists who are still finding it hard to forgive each other. Voters are still the abused, still they vote because its their right. People still get killed when fighting for their rights. When will this come to an end?

Theatre – 45 Minutes
Tickets: $12 (+ $3 festival support fee)

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