Women and Wallace

Turkey Creek Collective (Tampa, FL) presents:

Woman and Wallace

HCC Studio Theatre

Fri May 3 10:15pm, Sat May 4 6:15pm

Sun May 5 7:45pm, Mon May 6 8:30pm

Sat May 11 9pm

Meet Wallace. He’s just like you and me (except when he isn’t) Wallace tries to figure out the fascinating puzzle of girls, and confront the trauma of his mother’s loss, aided by his keen creative writing skills and self-deprecating sense of humor. This play is for you (except maybe it’s not)

Tragicomedy, 1 Hour
Tickets – $10 ($7 +3)

Squeeze My Cans

Cathy Schenkelberg (Studio City, CA) presents:

Squeeze My Cans

HCC Studio Theatre

Fri May 3 8:30pm, Sat May 4 4:30pm,

Sun May 5 6pm, Thurs May 9 7pm,

Sat May 11 2:45pm

A true journey into and out of Scientology.
“Moving, hilarious, heart-breaking and redemptive. Lets you experience for yourself how Scientology devours money and lives.” Chicago Reader
“Schenkelberg easily switches characters and time periods with dizzying energy, that is both exhilarating and electrifying.” Edge Media
At the top of the best performed, brilliantly written, elegantly directed one person shows I have ever seen.” Buzz News.
#2 of the TOP TEN local professional theater 2017 Tampa Bay Times
Pick of the Fringe EDINBURGH (2017)Hollywood (2016) Calgary, Vancouver (2018)

Storytelling/Theatre (drama), 73 Min

Tickets – $16 ($13+3)

Chocolate Casi Amargo

Gomez/ Goldfeder Present (East Rochester, NY) presents:

Chocolate Casi Amargo

HCC Studio Theatre

Sat May 4 10:15pm, Sun May 5 5:45pm,

Mon May 6 10pm, Thurs May 9 10pm,

Sat May 11 12pm

CHOCOLATE CASI AMARGO AT 2019 TAMPA INTERNATIONAL FRINGE FESTIVAL. Delicious sexy hot chocolate almost bitter will be served MAY 2019 in YBOR CITY.

Elena Goldfeder and Ruben Gomez from Rochester NY will perform in the 2019 TAMPA INTERNATIONAL Fringe Festival (MAY 3-11). Candide Carrasco’s new play, CHOCOLATE CASI AMARGO (CHOCOLATE ALMOST BITTER), is a bittersweet, hysterical romp through homophobia and conservatism in the Latino community. After an evening out with “good” friends, an older Cuban couple confronts their past, their present, the boredom of everyday life, the decline of aging and – most of all – their only child’s gay lifestyle. In both English and Spanish, this play is suitable for mature audiences.

PACO: So from now on all the gay kids in the universe are your kids?

ISABEL: Sí, that is the way it is, and it is going to be, they are all my kids as long that there are people who laugh at them, and throw stone, and kill them, there are too many mothers of gay kids who checked out ,we are needed, las que se quedan y luchan.

Theatre (Drama), 1 Hour

Tickets – $15 ($12+3)

Sending in the Sparrows

New Tampa Players (Tampa, FL) presents:

Sending in the Sparrows

HCC Studio Theatre

Thurs May 3 10pm, Sat May 4 7:45pm,

Mon May 6 10pm, Fri May 10 7pm,

Sat May 11 1:30pm

As Hitler rose to power he drew into his movement young men known as Hitler Youth who were dedicated to supporting the goals of Hitler and following his every command. Some of these teenagers volunteered to join while others were forced into membership, but once in, they had to declare their loyalty to all of Hitler’s plans, including his goal to rid Germany of undesirable people in order to create a master race free of persons with mental or physical disabilities or members of ethnic groups considered inferior to the pure Aryan race. Viktor, forced to join the Hitler Youth, faces a terrible dilemma because his own twin sister is housed in an asylum for the mentally disabled and is marked for death. Viktor not only fears what might become of his sister, but knows that he too will be doomed because of his genetic relationship. In his efforts to keep this secret from other vicious Hitler Youths, Viktor struggles to be true to himself and defy what he sees as a wave of evil that is sweeping his country.

Tickets $15 ($12+$3)

Drama, 45 min

Real-Time Bidding

Red Trombone Theatre (Valrico, Florida) presents:

Real-Time Bidding

HCC Rehearsal Hall Venue

Fri May 3 7pm, Sat May 4 10pm,

Sun May 5 8:45pm, Fri May 10 7pm,

Sat May 11 7pm

Can you place a value on the stuff you’ve surrounded yourself with? Will the trinkets, treasures and ephemera accumulated over a lifetime have any meaning after you’re gone? How strong is their hold on you? And when you’re no longer here, will they somehow retain the power of the emotions, stories, and energy invested in them? A desperate widow on the edge of dissolution discovers the market value of memories.

Drama, 30 min

Buy Tickets: $7 +$3 FSF = $10