Definitely Not Murderers

Definitely Not Murderers (St Petersburg, FL) presents:

Definitely Not Murderers

The Honey Pot

Fri May 3 7pm, Sat May 4 8:30pm,

Thurs May 9 7pm, Fri May 10 8:30pm,

Sat May 11 7pm

We’ll huff and we’ll puff, and we’ll sing our hearts out! Join us for a fractured, fully improvised one-act musical inspired by your favorite childhood stories. We ask you, the audience, to recap a movie or story from your youth that either defined or traumatized you. Then we bring it to life!

The gore, the grit, the love stories, and the life lessons.

Definitely Not Murders is the musical improv house team at American Stage in St. Petersburg, FL. We perform various styles and genres of spontaneous songs, dance numbers, and stories based on an audience suggestion. Some favorite titles from our previous shows include, YBOR STRIKES BACK, THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE BROOKLYN, HANSEL & GRETEL GO TO MACY’S, ROBOTS TAKE THE POLAR EXPRESS, CINDERELLA AIN’T NEED NO MAN, and FIGHT CLUB, THE MUSICAL!

We’re thrilled to be part of the Tampa International Fringe Festival! You can also check us out on 3rd Saturdays at Pinellas Ale Works, and last Thursdays at Hideaway Cafe. More details at

Tickets – $13 ($10+3)

Musical Improv, 1 Hour


3 Fingers Crossed (Tampa, FL) presents:


HCC Studio Theatre

Thurs May 2 7pm, Sat May 4 10:30pm,

Sun May 5 12pm, Fri May 10 8:15pm,

Sat May 11 6pm

Spitballin’ is a show you won’t soon forget. It’s an improv and storytelling show that’s different every time! We get our inspiration from a snowball fight with the audience. (Crumpled suggestions on paper balls, minus the spit!) Spitballin’ is play and play makes us all laugh like we’re kids again. Experience Spitballin’ with 3 Fingers Crossed:

Natasha Samreny is a comedian best known for her work with Florida Studio Theatre and the sketch comedy group Millennial Fresh. Natasha performs at shows throughout Florida. Tara Zimmerman performs at Side Splitters Comedy and the Improv Comedy Club in Tampa, and other venues in New York, Miami and Canada.

Victoria Dym, a graduate of Ringling Brother’s Barnum and Bailey Clown College, improvises at The Box Theater with team Dear Aunt Gertrude in Tampa Florida. Victoria is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.

Tickets – $10 ($7+3)

Improv, 1 Hour



Scott Swenson Creative Development LLC (Tampa, FL) presents:


HCC Rehearsal Hall Venue

Thurs May 2 10pm, Sat May 4 8:45pm,

Sun May 5 6pm, Fri May 9 8pm,

Sat May 11 5:45pm

TIFF hosts the world premiere of Scott Swenson’s one man comedy show, PREACH! An Evening of Improvised Sermons. As an ordained minister (thanks to the internet and a check for twenty bucks) Scott will take audiences to church like never before. Every topic will be suggested by the audience and fate will decide the order. Nothing is off limits. This means that every single performance will be unique and possibly horrendously offensive. “I have performed with many improv teams before,” says Swenson who studied with Chicago’s Second City and is a founding member of Tampa’s own WIT Improv, “but this is the first time I’ve done a whole solo show. It’s challenging, its exciting and its terrifying!” Don’t miss Scott’s twisted take on the world issues of your choosing in the only show that answers the question, “What happens when a minister, an improv comic and a flaming liberal walk into a bar (or theatre)?” For more information visit

Guerrilla Solo Improvisation, 45 min

Buy Tickets: $10 +$3 FSF = $13