TiFf Now Accepting Donations

Looking To Make a Difference?

If you’re as excited as we are about the Tampa International Fringe Festival, you’re probably wondering how you can get involved.  There are lots of ways!  You can volunteer, play host to an artist, or help out in other ways.  But not everyone has time to pitch in a helping hand…  If you’re one of those very busy people who would love to help, but hasn’t got the time for some hands-on action, you might be interested to know that we are now accepting donations! Read More



World famous Crowbar is playing host this year to four epic shows that are guaranteed to rock your world!  With musical Theatre, drama, and comedy ranging from the blood-soaked parody in Game of Thrones the Musical to the deeply psychological 47 Reasons to Live, this lineup is full of must-see talent from across the country! Read More