Chocolate Casi Amargo

Gomez/ Goldfeder Present (East Rochester, NY) presents:

Chocolate Casi Amargo

HCC Studio Theatre

Sat May 4 10:15pm, Sun May 5 5:45pm,

Mon May 6 10pm, Thurs May 9 10pm,

Sat May 11 12pm

CHOCOLATE CASI AMARGO AT 2019 TAMPA INTERNATIONAL FRINGE FESTIVAL. Delicious sexy hot chocolate almost bitter will be served MAY 2019 in YBOR CITY.

Elena Goldfeder and Ruben Gomez from Rochester NY will perform in the 2019 TAMPA INTERNATIONAL Fringe Festival (MAY 3-11). Candide Carrasco’s new play, CHOCOLATE CASI AMARGO (CHOCOLATE ALMOST BITTER), is a bittersweet, hysterical romp through homophobia and conservatism in the Latino community. After an evening out with “good” friends, an older Cuban couple confronts their past, their present, the boredom of everyday life, the decline of aging and – most of all – their only child’s gay lifestyle. In both English and Spanish, this play is suitable for mature audiences.

PACO: So from now on all the gay kids in the universe are your kids?

ISABEL: Sí, that is the way it is, and it is going to be, they are all my kids as long that there are people who laugh at them, and throw stone, and kill them, there are too many mothers of gay kids who checked out ,we are needed, las que se quedan y luchan.

Theatre (Drama), 1 Hour

Tickets – $15 ($12+3)

Sexy Sexy Murder

Hoof Arted (Tampa, FL) presents:

Sexy Sexy Murder

Silver Meteor Gallery

Thurs May 2 8:30pm, Sat May 4 7:30pm,

Sun May 5 3pm, Fri May 10 10pm,

Sat May 11 4:30pm

Sexy Sexy Murder is the first installment of the Perilousverse – playwright Christen Hailey’s darkly hilarious vision of Tampa Bay. Other visits to this demented & bizarro world include The Ballad of Hipster McBigballs, Chapel Perilous, The Curling Iron, Sluts in Space and Sexo Y Violencia.

In this adventure, we meet the Secret Queen of Tampa, the (mostly) benevolent monarch of Florida’s weird and fetid underbelly. The Queen is ready to retire to her Pagan Playground and pass all the pains-in-the-ass of ruling to her successor, and spend the rest of her days “playing mah-jong, doing tequila shots, and getting massages from hot Swedish chicks with man-hands.”

But her longtime mortal enemy, the Reverend Taint Violator, has a most heinous plan to foil the Queen and destroy her long-sought plans for peace and cocktails. He’s determined to steal her land, build a money-grubbing “bible college” on the site instead, murder the Queen, and sell her loyal minions into slavery!

The Secret Queen of Tampa might be nuttier than a port-a-potty at a peanut festival, but she’s no fool. Enlisting the aid of her handsome henchmen and the Ninja Bitch Lady Assassins, the Queen hatches a formidable scheme to triumph once more.

Black Comedy, 45 Min

Buy Tickets: $13 ($10+3)


Unfilmable Productions (St Petersburg, FL) presents:


Silver Meteor Gallery

Thurs May 4 9:45pm, Sat May 4 12pm,

Sun May 5 10:15pm, Mon May 6 7pm,

Sat May 11 7:15pm

(Re)union is a dark comedy that focuses on the societal and media reactions to tragedy on the micro and macro scale, as a small town reaches their boiling point.

Web: (Re)union is not the typical coming of age story. Instead, it challenges the notions of what it means to become an adult, specifically a decade after high school. In this story, intense emotions are felt after a devastating event that has left both an entire community, to not just grieve, but to analyze where they go from here. (Re)union boasts a power to engage its audience in an active dialogue of false happiness and outgrown friendships. Old friends, crossed lovers,confusion, and companionship accompany one another in this journey to uncovering our true selves and the hidden darkness within. Boundaries are stretched, morals are examined, and a paradigm shift is in the making.

Dark Comedy, 1 Hour

Buy Tickets: $10 ($7+3)

The Restful Bitchface Show

The Restful Bitchface Show (Tampa, FL) presents:

The Restful Bitchface Show

Silver Meteor Gallery & Coppertail Brewery

At Silver Meteor Gallery:

Fri May 3 10pm, Sat May 4 3pm,

Sun May 5 8:45, Sat May 11 3pm

***At Coppertail Brewery (Upstairs):

Weds May 7pm***

Bored? No. Tired? No. Angry? Nope. Sad? Not at all. Completely over it? Nah. Bitchy? Nope. It’s just our faces.

Six comedians share a perspective and tell jokes about being misunderstood and judged simply because of their facial expression, or lack thereof. Musing about how their awkward interactions, unapproachability, and perception to others, lead to a point of view that is foreign at first, but ultimately relatable. If you’ve ever been labeled as difficult, or rude, but never felt that about yourself, you’ll enjoy the show. If you have a friend who is seemingly unaffected by anything that happens around them, come watch the show, you’ll learn more about them.

We’re going to have a lot of fun, even if we don’t look it. And the show is going to be great, even if it doesn’t seem like it, it will be.

***Stay after the Wednesday show for a FREE showing of Goonies!!!

Stand-Up, 1 Hour

Buy Tickets: $13 ($10+3)

Marcus Ryan – ¿Hablas Inglés?

World Laughs (Victoria, Australia) presents:

Marcus Ryan – ¿Hablas Inglés?

Silver Meteor Gallery

Fri May 3 7pm, Sat May 4 6pm,

Sun May 5 1:30pm, Thurs May 10 8:30pm,

Sat May 11 10:15pm

One man. One beard. One backpack. One-way ticket. No idea!

★★★★★ ‘Born-performer’ FreshAir

★★★★½ ‘Hilarious’ VueWeekly

SOLD OUT London, Edinburgh, Singapore, Edmonton,

Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Montreal, Calgary.

Shortlisted BEST Comedy – Perth 2017

Nominated BEST Comedy – Montreal 2018

Award-winning Storyteller – The Moth

‘¿Hablas Inglés?’ follows the wild adventures & hilarious mishaps of a vagabond comedian performing stand-up comedy to survive in countries that never had it. In English AND Spanish. No big deal. If you’ve ever felt like learning a new language, packing up and travelling the world or simply going on holiday, well this show might NOT be for you!

Direct from Australia, don’t miss your chance to see the show that’s sold-out worldwide. An hilarious and heart-warming hour of laughs with a natural storyteller.  

‘Robbed, arrested, held up at knife point, riots, earthquakes, drug smuggling & prostitution. Marcus Ryan came close to death on an epic journey hitchhiking his way through Latin America.

“I met some weird and wonderful characters I’d like to introduce to you. I came home with a beard, a debt and bloody great stories! I invested a year and a half of my life. I reckon it’s worth an hour of yours.”

Comedy, 1 Hour

Buy Tickets: $16 ($13+3)

Black Wool Jacket

bike circus (Toronto, Canada) presents:

Black Wool Jacket

Silver Meteor Gallery

Fri May 3 8:30pm, Sat May 4 1:30pm,

Sun May 5 4:15pm, Thurs May 10 7pm,

Sat May 11 8:45pm

Black Wool Jacket was born in the bowels of a seedy nightclub, and grew into a one woman storytelling piece that pits curious academic against a hoard of lost coat check claim tickets.

When bookish PhD student Nat finds herself in desperate need of a side job, she takes on a gig checking jackets deep in the heart of Toronto’s late-night entertainment district – a far cry from her usual Friday nights at a library desk. But behind a desk of a very different kind, Nat has front-row seats to the strangest show in town: the nightclub. Armed with an ear for eavesdropping, Nat’s nights at coat check write themselves into battles of Shakespearian proportions: mistaken identities, heartfelt soliloquies, and a tempest of passions unleashed upon the coat check counter, all recorded (mostly) verbatim. From the unbelievable to the inconceivable, the hilarious to the unsavory, Black Wool Jacket retraces the stories that people share, when they think no one is listening or likely to remember in the morning. Are you ready?

Storytelling, 1 Hour

Buy Tickets: $15 ($12+3)

It’s Hard to Explain

Ed Wolf Presents (San Francisco, California) presents:

It’s Hard to Explain

Silver Meteor Gallery

Thurs May 2 7pm, Sat May 4 4:30pm,

Sun May 5 7:15pm, Fri May 10 7pm,

Sat May 11 1:30pm

Ed Wolf was born in New York, raised in Florida, and lives in San Francisco. He’s ecstatic to present “It’s Hard To Explain,” the audience favorite from San Francisco’s EXIT Theatre’s Storytelling Festival, June 2018. Working in the HIV/AIDS field since 1983, as chronicled in the award-winning documentary “We Were Here,” he’s told stories of growing up in Florida and the early days of the AIDS epidemic in California at Film Festivals in Sundance, Berlin, Kiev (Ukraine) and St. Petersburg (Russia). In San Francisco he’s performed at Oasis, The Lost Church, National Queer Arts Festival, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, Verdi Club, The Swedish American Hall, Brava Theatre, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and many others. His stories have been recorded on multiple pod-casts, including, and he is the voice of Stew in the on-line animation series The Deer-in-Between. His writing has appeared in numerous publications, including Beyond Definition: New Writing from Gay and Lesbian San Francisco; The Bay Area Reporter; The National Library of Poetry; Rebel Yell: Gay Men of the South; The AIDS Reader; Queer and Catholic; Fray: Sex and Death; Christopher Street and The James White Review. He was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 1996.

Storytelling, 1 Hour

Buy Tickets: $13 ($10+3)

Deep As Hell

2Sheets Theatre Co (South Portland, Maine) presents:

Deep As Hell

Silver Meteor Gallery

Sat May 4 8:45pm, Sun May 5 12pm,

Mon May 6 8:30pm, Fri May 10 8:30pm,

Sat May 11 5:45pm

Portland, Maine based 2Sheets Theater Company is travelling 2,000 miles to make art and tell stories to strangers. Deep As Hell is a 2Person sketch comedy show about Robi, who is a robot, and their creator, who isn’t. The show is interspersed with irreverently relevant scenes about belly buttons, poetry, and monkeys. There are definitely high flying switcheroos afoot. Come see boobytraps: bamboozlements: farcical and frantic scenes of fraternity, fallacy, futility, and other f-words too.

2Sheets had a semi-prolific year in 2018, mounting ten productions across three states. Their interdisciplinary approach has kept audiences on their toes and established 2Sheets as some of the highest caliber new work being created in Maine. One Portland Man described a 2Sheets show as such: ” Time and circumstance veer and shift, but not for a second do [the actors] waver from the ultimate actorly challenge: BEING PRESENT, soul and body, hearing one another!”

Comedy, 1 Hour

Buy Tickets: $13 ($10+3)