Piaf and Brel: The Impossible Concert

Melanie Gall Presents (Alberta, Canada) presents:

Piaf and Brel: The Impossible Concert

HCC Studio Theatre

Fri May 3 7pm, Sat May 4 3pm,

Sun May 5 3pm, Thurs May 9 10:15pm,

Sat May 11 7:30pm

Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel: two French musical icons. They sang songs of romance, heartbreak, hope and love. They lived lives of drama and passion. This impossible concert, featuring internationally acclaimed vocalist Melanie Gall, relives the adventure and inspiration of their lives and music. With Amsterdam, Milord, La Vie en Rose and other French classics. ‘A bravura display of amazing colour and dynamic range’ (Edmonton Journal). ‘A born performer, a real star in the making' **** (Broadway Baby). ‘A beautifully rendered and loving homage’ (CBC). ***** (SouthsideAdvertiser.biz).2016-2018 sell-out “A beautifully rendered and loving homage, ****” – CBC, ***** – Winnipeg Free Press. **** Edmonton Journal 2016-2018 sell-out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! 2017 Off-Broadway run in New York City.

Music/Cabaret, 1 Hour

Tickets –
General Admission $15 ($12+3)
Senior/Student $13 ($10+3)


Marcus Ryan – ¿Hablas Inglés?

World Laughs (Victoria, Australia) presents:

Marcus Ryan – ¿Hablas Inglés?

Silver Meteor Gallery

Fri May 3 7pm, Sat May 4 6pm,

Sun May 5 1:30pm, Thurs May 10 8:30pm,

Sat May 11 10:15pm

One man. One beard. One backpack. One-way ticket. No idea!

★★★★★ ‘Born-performer’ FreshAir

★★★★½ ‘Hilarious’ VueWeekly

SOLD OUT London, Edinburgh, Singapore, Edmonton,

Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Montreal, Calgary.

Shortlisted BEST Comedy – Perth 2017

Nominated BEST Comedy – Montreal 2018

Award-winning Storyteller – The Moth

‘¿Hablas Inglés?’ follows the wild adventures & hilarious mishaps of a vagabond comedian performing stand-up comedy to survive in countries that never had it. In English AND Spanish. No big deal. If you’ve ever felt like learning a new language, packing up and travelling the world or simply going on holiday, well this show might NOT be for you!

Direct from Australia, don’t miss your chance to see the show that’s sold-out worldwide. An hilarious and heart-warming hour of laughs with a natural storyteller.  

‘Robbed, arrested, held up at knife point, riots, earthquakes, drug smuggling & prostitution. Marcus Ryan came close to death on an epic journey hitchhiking his way through Latin America.

“I met some weird and wonderful characters I’d like to introduce to you. I came home with a beard, a debt and bloody great stories! I invested a year and a half of my life. I reckon it’s worth an hour of yours.”

Comedy, 1 Hour

Buy Tickets: $16 ($13+3)

Black Wool Jacket

bike circus (Toronto, Canada) presents:

Black Wool Jacket

Silver Meteor Gallery

Fri May 3 8:30pm, Sat May 4 1:30pm,

Sun May 5 4:15pm, Thurs May 10 7pm,

Sat May 11 8:45pm

Black Wool Jacket was born in the bowels of a seedy nightclub, and grew into a one woman storytelling piece that pits curious academic against a hoard of lost coat check claim tickets.

When bookish PhD student Nat finds herself in desperate need of a side job, she takes on a gig checking jackets deep in the heart of Toronto’s late-night entertainment district – a far cry from her usual Friday nights at a library desk. But behind a desk of a very different kind, Nat has front-row seats to the strangest show in town: the nightclub. Armed with an ear for eavesdropping, Nat’s nights at coat check write themselves into battles of Shakespearian proportions: mistaken identities, heartfelt soliloquies, and a tempest of passions unleashed upon the coat check counter, all recorded (mostly) verbatim. From the unbelievable to the inconceivable, the hilarious to the unsavory, Black Wool Jacket retraces the stories that people share, when they think no one is listening or likely to remember in the morning. Are you ready?

Storytelling, 1 Hour

Buy Tickets: $15 ($12+3)

Aussie Steve’s Guide To Being Australian

Aussie Steve Productions (Adelaide, Australia) presents:

Aussie Steve’s Guide To Being Australian

HCC Rehearsal Hall Venue

Fri May 3 9:15pm, Sat May 4 4:30pm,

Sun May 5 7:15pm, Thurs May 9 9:45pm,

Sat May 11 4:15pm

Aussie Steve will take you on a light hearted look at the similarities and differences between American and Australian language, culture and history.

Find the answers* to many questions such us as :

  • Do toilets really flush the opposite way around down under?
  • Is Vegemite as horrible as people say it is?
  • Why isn’t everyone dead from all the killer wildlife there?
  • Do they have Outback Steakhouse and Starbucks there?
  • Why do y’all talk so funny?

If you are looking to visit Australia, have an Aussie in your life you want to understand better or are just Aussie curious, Let Aussie Steve  be your guide. He’ll answer* all your Australia related questions!

*Answers may not be true or accurate for comedic purposes.

Comedy, 1 Hour

Buy Tickets: $7 +$3 FSF = $10

Opera Mouse (Family Fringe)

Melanie Gall Presents (Alberta, Canada) presents:

Opera Mouse

HCC Rehearsal Hall Venue

Sat May 4 1:30pm, Sun May 5 12pm,

Sat May 11 12pm

Tilly Mouse lives under an opera house, and she just loves to sing! But whenever anyone sees her, they scream and run away. What is a mouse to do? With determination, imagination and help from her friends, Tilly follows her dreams. Bring the kids along to help Tilly prove that even a mouse can be a star!

Opera Mouse has been performed in venues all around the world, ranging from theatres in Scotland, festivals in Canada, an off-Broadway run in New York City, schools in Shanghai, an orphanage in Morocco, a school in Sudan and a shopping mall in Algeria.

**** (Broadway Baby), **** “Bravo to Melanie Gall for creating Opera Mouse, a show that’s equally satisfying for kids and their accompanying adults.” (CBC), “Hidden Gem!”


Kids Show, 1 Hour

Buy Tickets: $10 ($7+3)

No, YOU Can’t Return Discount Shrimp!

Bessie Jean Productions (Winnipeg, Canada) presents:

No, YOU Can’t Return Discount Shrimp!

Fri May 3 8pm, Sat May 4 7:30pm,

Sun May 5 9:45pm, Thurs May 9 7pm,

Sat May 11 1:30pm

A dark comedy about the customer who is NOT always right.

By comedian, raconteur, and Fringe Festival cult favourite Bill Pats.

“ Dave, an aggressively aggressive young man who gets banned from retail outlets almost as often as he goes to them.  Dave’s anger issues and inability to just leave it alone converge with the aforementioned shrimp to take him on a bizarre, funny and cleverly plotted journey that’s sometimes insightful, and sometimes just morbidly profane. ” – CBC

Dave bought discount shrimp.  Rotten shrimp. Dave decides to return the shrimp because, well, “What was I supposed to do?”  His attempt at retail redemption triggers a series of events that no one could have predicted. Dave should have just eaten the shrimp…

Comedy, 45 min

Buy Tickets: $15 ($12+3)