Smutty Burlesque Nerd! Neo-Vaudeville By Vulva Va-Voom

Vulva VaVoom (Tampa, FL) presents:

Smutty Burlesque Nerd! Neo-Vaudeville By Vulva Va-Voom

The Honey Pot

Fri May 3 8:30pm, Sat May 4 7pm,

Thurs May 9 8:30pm, Fri May 10 7pm,

Sat May 11 8:30pm

A gritty nightclub act, featuring comedy, burlesque, song-‘n’-dance, and . . .frankly, quite a bit of filth. But it’s brainy, cultured filth, not unlike sodomizing Oscar Wilde with a rolled-up New Yorker.

Tickets – $12 ($9+3)

Cabaret, 1 Hour

Women and Wallace

Turkey Creek Collective (Tampa, FL) presents:

Woman and Wallace

HCC Studio Theatre

Fri May 3 10:15pm, Sat May 4 6:15pm

Sun May 5 7:45pm, Mon May 6 8:30pm

Sat May 11 9pm

Meet Wallace. He’s just like you and me (except when he isn’t) Wallace tries to figure out the fascinating puzzle of girls, and confront the trauma of his mother’s loss, aided by his keen creative writing skills and self-deprecating sense of humor. This play is for you (except maybe it’s not)

Tragicomedy, 1 Hour
Tickets – $10 ($7 +3)

Definitely Not Murderers

Definitely Not Murderers (St Petersburg, FL) presents:

Definitely Not Murderers

The Honey Pot

Fri May 3 7pm, Sat May 4 8:30pm,

Thurs May 9 7pm, Fri May 10 8:30pm,

Sat May 11 7pm

We’ll huff and we’ll puff, and we’ll sing our hearts out! Join us for a fractured, fully improvised one-act musical inspired by your favorite childhood stories. We ask you, the audience, to recap a movie or story from your youth that either defined or traumatized you. Then we bring it to life!

The gore, the grit, the love stories, and the life lessons.

Definitely Not Murders is the musical improv house team at American Stage in St. Petersburg, FL. We perform various styles and genres of spontaneous songs, dance numbers, and stories based on an audience suggestion. Some favorite titles from our previous shows include, YBOR STRIKES BACK, THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE BROOKLYN, HANSEL & GRETEL GO TO MACY’S, ROBOTS TAKE THE POLAR EXPRESS, CINDERELLA AIN’T NEED NO MAN, and FIGHT CLUB, THE MUSICAL!

We’re thrilled to be part of the Tampa International Fringe Festival! You can also check us out on 3rd Saturdays at Pinellas Ale Works, and last Thursdays at Hideaway Cafe. More details at

Tickets – $13 ($10+3)

Musical Improv, 1 Hour


3 Fingers Crossed (Tampa, FL) presents:


HCC Studio Theatre

Thurs May 2 7pm, Sat May 4 10:30pm,

Sun May 5 12pm, Fri May 10 8:15pm,

Sat May 11 6pm

Spitballin’ is a show you won’t soon forget. It’s an improv and storytelling show that’s different every time! We get our inspiration from a snowball fight with the audience. (Crumpled suggestions on paper balls, minus the spit!) Spitballin’ is play and play makes us all laugh like we’re kids again. Experience Spitballin’ with 3 Fingers Crossed:

Natasha Samreny is a comedian best known for her work with Florida Studio Theatre and the sketch comedy group Millennial Fresh. Natasha performs at shows throughout Florida. Tara Zimmerman performs at Side Splitters Comedy and the Improv Comedy Club in Tampa, and other venues in New York, Miami and Canada.

Victoria Dym, a graduate of Ringling Brother’s Barnum and Bailey Clown College, improvises at The Box Theater with team Dear Aunt Gertrude in Tampa Florida. Victoria is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.

Tickets – $10 ($7+3)

Improv, 1 Hour


Sending in the Sparrows

New Tampa Players (Tampa, FL) presents:

Sending in the Sparrows

HCC Studio Theatre

Thurs May 3 10pm, Sat May 4 7:45pm,

Mon May 6 10pm, Fri May 10 7pm,

Sat May 11 1:30pm

As Hitler rose to power he drew into his movement young men known as Hitler Youth who were dedicated to supporting the goals of Hitler and following his every command. Some of these teenagers volunteered to join while others were forced into membership, but once in, they had to declare their loyalty to all of Hitler’s plans, including his goal to rid Germany of undesirable people in order to create a master race free of persons with mental or physical disabilities or members of ethnic groups considered inferior to the pure Aryan race. Viktor, forced to join the Hitler Youth, faces a terrible dilemma because his own twin sister is housed in an asylum for the mentally disabled and is marked for death. Viktor not only fears what might become of his sister, but knows that he too will be doomed because of his genetic relationship. In his efforts to keep this secret from other vicious Hitler Youths, Viktor struggles to be true to himself and defy what he sees as a wave of evil that is sweeping his country.

Tickets $15 ($12+$3)

Drama, 45 min

N.Y. Sewer Gator (Family Fringe)

Think Tank TYA (Tampa, FL) presents:

N.Y. Sewer Gator

HCC Studio Theatre

Sat May 4 12pm, Sun May 5 1:30pm,

Sat May 11 12pm

ThinkTankTYA, your friendly neighborhood family theatre company, is excited to bring you “N.Y.Sewer Gator”! Join us under all the hustle and bustle of New York City and enter a hidden world where gators make their home. Years have gone by and the people of the surface world have all forgotten the reptiles who live beneath them. That’s just as well, the gators wouldn’t have it any other way. After all this time, they have built their own way of life. They don’t need anything from up above and no one seems to mind. No one, that is, except for one.

One young alligator dreams of what life is like above the sewers. Could there be something up there for him? His answer comes one day when a peculiar visitor makes there way down below. Together, the unlikely pair travel above, below, and anywhere else you can think in search of a place where they belong.

Based on a story loosely based on an official article that someone read once and a collective group of wild imaginations, we can surely say this is a story you’ve never heard before.

Theatre for Families, 1 Hour

Buy Tickets: $10 ($7+3)


Thank You Notes

Innovocative Theatre (Lutz, FL) presents:

Thank You Notes

HCC Studio Theatre

Sat May 4 1:30pm, Sun May 5 4:30pm,

Mon May 6 7pm, Thurs May 9 8:45pm,

Sat May 11 10:30pm

Dating: it sucks.  Ever dated a really terrible kisser?  What about someone who could only get turned on in odd and back-bending places?  Did you ever think you had found “the one” only to get ghosted by that person soon after?  Did you ever date someone you just knew your mother would hate? Or what about someone really, really cheap? Jaime has dated all these people.  But in a world full of horrifying dating experiences, she also managed the impossible: she has found “the one”. This is why you’ll find her writing thank you notes to her exes on her wedding day.  What could go wrong? Mark (aka “the one”) is everything she has dreamed of: good-looking, sweet, funny, a great lover, and he thinks she is the best thing that’s ever happened to him since the invention of the wrap.  But what if that’s not enough? What if behind every great attribute is a big red flag? Watch Jaime struggle to embrace her future, let go of her past and be thankful for her dating disasters.

Theatre (Comedy), 1 Hour

Buy Tickets: $15 ($12+3)


Sexy Sexy Murder

Hoof Arted (Tampa, FL) presents:

Sexy Sexy Murder

Silver Meteor Gallery

Thurs May 2 8:30pm, Sat May 4 7:30pm,

Sun May 5 3pm, Fri May 10 10pm,

Sat May 11 4:30pm

Sexy Sexy Murder is the first installment of the Perilousverse – playwright Christen Hailey’s darkly hilarious vision of Tampa Bay. Other visits to this demented & bizarro world include The Ballad of Hipster McBigballs, Chapel Perilous, The Curling Iron, Sluts in Space and Sexo Y Violencia.

In this adventure, we meet the Secret Queen of Tampa, the (mostly) benevolent monarch of Florida’s weird and fetid underbelly. The Queen is ready to retire to her Pagan Playground and pass all the pains-in-the-ass of ruling to her successor, and spend the rest of her days “playing mah-jong, doing tequila shots, and getting massages from hot Swedish chicks with man-hands.”

But her longtime mortal enemy, the Reverend Taint Violator, has a most heinous plan to foil the Queen and destroy her long-sought plans for peace and cocktails. He’s determined to steal her land, build a money-grubbing “bible college” on the site instead, murder the Queen, and sell her loyal minions into slavery!

The Secret Queen of Tampa might be nuttier than a port-a-potty at a peanut festival, but she’s no fool. Enlisting the aid of her handsome henchmen and the Ninja Bitch Lady Assassins, the Queen hatches a formidable scheme to triumph once more.

Black Comedy, 45 Min

Buy Tickets: $13 ($10+3)


Unfilmable Productions (St Petersburg, FL) presents:


Silver Meteor Gallery

Thurs May 4 9:45pm, Sat May 4 12pm,

Sun May 5 10:15pm, Mon May 6 7pm,

Sat May 11 7:15pm

(Re)union is a dark comedy that focuses on the societal and media reactions to tragedy on the micro and macro scale, as a small town reaches their boiling point.

Web: (Re)union is not the typical coming of age story. Instead, it challenges the notions of what it means to become an adult, specifically a decade after high school. In this story, intense emotions are felt after a devastating event that has left both an entire community, to not just grieve, but to analyze where they go from here. (Re)union boasts a power to engage its audience in an active dialogue of false happiness and outgrown friendships. Old friends, crossed lovers,confusion, and companionship accompany one another in this journey to uncovering our true selves and the hidden darkness within. Boundaries are stretched, morals are examined, and a paradigm shift is in the making.

Dark Comedy, 1 Hour

Buy Tickets: $10 ($7+3)

The Restful Bitchface Show

The Restful Bitchface Show (Tampa, FL) presents:

The Restful Bitchface Show

Silver Meteor Gallery & Coppertail Brewery

At Silver Meteor Gallery:

Fri May 3 10pm, Sat May 4 3pm,

Sun May 5 8:45, Sat May 11 3pm

***At Coppertail Brewery (Upstairs):

Weds May 7pm***

Bored? No. Tired? No. Angry? Nope. Sad? Not at all. Completely over it? Nah. Bitchy? Nope. It’s just our faces.

Six comedians share a perspective and tell jokes about being misunderstood and judged simply because of their facial expression, or lack thereof. Musing about how their awkward interactions, unapproachability, and perception to others, lead to a point of view that is foreign at first, but ultimately relatable. If you’ve ever been labeled as difficult, or rude, but never felt that about yourself, you’ll enjoy the show. If you have a friend who is seemingly unaffected by anything that happens around them, come watch the show, you’ll learn more about them.

We’re going to have a lot of fun, even if we don’t look it. And the show is going to be great, even if it doesn’t seem like it, it will be.

***Stay after the Wednesday show for a FREE showing of Goonies!!!

Stand-Up, 1 Hour

Buy Tickets: $13 ($10+3)