Scott Swenson Creative Development LLC (Tampa, FL) presents:


HCC Rehearsal Hall Venue

Thurs May 2 10pm, Sat May 4 8:45pm,

Sun May 5 6pm, Fri May 9 8pm,

Sat May 11 5:45pm

TIFF hosts the world premiere of Scott Swenson’s one man comedy show, PREACH! An Evening of Improvised Sermons. As an ordained minister (thanks to the internet and a check for twenty bucks) Scott will take audiences to church like never before. Every topic will be suggested by the audience and fate will decide the order. Nothing is off limits. This means that every single performance will be unique and possibly horrendously offensive. “I have performed with many improv teams before,” says Swenson who studied with Chicago’s Second City and is a founding member of Tampa’s own WIT Improv, “but this is the first time I’ve done a whole solo show. It’s challenging, its exciting and its terrifying!” Don’t miss Scott’s twisted take on the world issues of your choosing in the only show that answers the question, “What happens when a minister, an improv comic and a flaming liberal walk into a bar (or theatre)?” For more information visit

Guerrilla Solo Improvisation, 45 min

Buy Tickets: $10 +$3 FSF = $13

Opera Mouse (Family Fringe)

Melanie Gall Presents (Alberta, Canada) presents:

Opera Mouse

HCC Rehearsal Hall Venue

Sat May 4 1:30pm, Sun May 5 12pm,

Sat May 11 12pm

Tilly Mouse lives under an opera house, and she just loves to sing! But whenever anyone sees her, they scream and run away. What is a mouse to do? With determination, imagination and help from her friends, Tilly follows her dreams. Bring the kids along to help Tilly prove that even a mouse can be a star!

Opera Mouse has been performed in venues all around the world, ranging from theatres in Scotland, festivals in Canada, an off-Broadway run in New York City, schools in Shanghai, an orphanage in Morocco, a school in Sudan and a shopping mall in Algeria.

**** (Broadway Baby), **** “Bravo to Melanie Gall for creating Opera Mouse, a show that’s equally satisfying for kids and their accompanying adults.” (CBC), “Hidden Gem!”

Kids Show, 1 Hour

Buy Tickets: $10 ($7+3)

I Should’ve Just Married David Neilson in Kindergarten

Downstairs Lady Theater Productions (Winter Garden, FL) presents:

I Should’ve Just Married David Neilson in Kindergarten

HCC Rehearsal Hall Venue

Thurs May 2 7pm, Sat May 4 12pm,

Sun May 5 3pm, Fri May 10 10:45pm,

Sat May 11 8pm

The only thing Carol has had a  harder time with, besides her writer’s block, is her love life. So why not combine the two, and make it SUPER painful!

From her first love, to a disastrous first kiss, online dating, really bad dates, and even worse sex – Carol uses her humor to navigate through treacherous perils.

There are plenty of trolls along the way, but this is not your typical Fairy Tale

Join this modern day Tinderella as she takes you on a journey through the good, the bad, and the “What the Actual F***?!” to finding love and her happily ever after.

Serio-Comedy, 1 Hour

Buy Tickets: $10 +$3 FSF = $13

Blind Double Date

Airtight Theatre Company (Palm Harbor, FL) presents:

Blind Double Date

HCC Rehearsal Hall Venue

Thurs May 2 8:30pm, Sat May 4 3pm,

Sun May 5 1:30pm, Thurs May 9 8:15pm,

Sat May 11 9:30pm

Cindy and Nick show up for a double date organized by their mutual friend Taylor. Little do they know, the couple they are meeting is Rachel and Greg and they have all dated before!

Awkwardness ensues as the couples have flashbacks about how they all met. There are six flashbacks or “reenactments” and they gradually move backwards in time. While reflecting, every person learns things about themselves and their values in relationships and friendships.

Comedy, 1 Hour

Buy Tickets: $9 +$3 FSF = $12 General, $6 + $3 FSF = $9 Students

Man Cave

Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre (Buffalo Grove, Illinois) presents:

Man Cave

HCC Rehearsal Hall Venue

Fri May 3 10:45pm, Sat May 4 6pm,

Sun May 5 4:30pm, Fri May 10 9:15pm,

Sat May 11 2:45pm

Tim Mooney, of “Breakneck Hamlet” and “Breakneck Julius Caesar” fame, leaves behind his tales of the distant past, jumping ahead to the looming existential comedy awaiting us all at the tail end of climate change.

From his narrow, lonely bunker, what may be last man on Earth plays out his own theatre of the absurd to the scattered remnants of a vast, empty planet. Realizing there may not be anybody left listening, Tim turns his attention to those corners of the universe that may yet be picking up radio waves, sharing lessons in how NOT to end up like we did! Along the way, he dreams up his own radical collection of “Ten Commandments” for whatever Klingons or Vulcans might still be out there listening! Pathetic and hilarious, “Man Cave” is a rallying cry screaming out into the darkness:

“Al Gore replaced by William H Macy, with a lot more swagger and humor than the former vice president could ever manage!” (Orlando Sentinel)

This is how the world ends: not with a bang, but a few final stabs at last-minute gallows humor. It’s the performance of a lifetime… the one where we all hope the last joke’s not on us…!

Tragicomedy, 1 Hour

Buy Tickets: $15 ($12+3)