No, YOU Can’t Return Discount Shrimp!

Bessie Jean Productions (Winnipeg, Canada) presents:

No, YOU Can’t Return Discount Shrimp!

Fri May 3 8pm, Sat May 4 7:30pm,

Sun May 5 9:45pm, Thurs May 9 7pm,

Sat May 11 1:30pm

A dark comedy about the customer who is NOT always right.

By comedian, raconteur, and Fringe Festival cult favourite Bill Pats.

“ Dave, an aggressively aggressive young man who gets banned from retail outlets almost as often as he goes to them.  Dave’s anger issues and inability to just leave it alone converge with the aforementioned shrimp to take him on a bizarre, funny and cleverly plotted journey that’s sometimes insightful, and sometimes just morbidly profane. ” – CBC

Dave bought discount shrimp.  Rotten shrimp. Dave decides to return the shrimp because, well, “What was I supposed to do?”  His attempt at retail redemption triggers a series of events that no one could have predicted. Dave should have just eaten the shrimp…

Comedy, 45 min

Buy Tickets: $15 ($12+3)