Featured Artist: Kelly ‘Killy’ Dwyer

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Can you describe how you go about making your work?

I am the best at failing

What’s drives you as an artist/company?

a Prius

How did you begin making work?

After being sliced out of my mother’s perfect 5’4 bikini body because I was upside down and backwards, I fashioned a costume from afterbirth and put on a one woman version of Hamlet for the nursery. Just kidding, I hate Shakespeare.

One thing our readers might not know about you?

I’m joking (seriously)

One thing our readers might not know about your work?

It’s serious (I’m joking)

What do you most like about the work you will present at this year’s festival?

Satire is particularly freeing these days while being more important than ever.

Why should audience members choose you?

Because I choo choo choose them (those that get Simpsons references should definitely choose me)

Artist in an Nutshell

"...it's got a good beat and you can dance to it."

Have you ever performed in a fringe Festival before?

Describe your most memorable fringe Festival experience.

Improvising an hour long solo show with a 102 degree fever. Talk about death defying!

Have you ever been to Florida or Tampa before?

What are you most looking forward to about your visit?

Turning some people on, pushing some buttons, making music and overall just entertaining the hell out of Tampa. Also, the weather and being on the coast don’t hurt.

Why did you choose the Tampa Fringe?

Fringe festivals are always the most fun and rewarding in the first couple of years before they really take off. I’m proud to be representing in the first of many years to come for Tampa Fringe.

What do you hope to get from presenting on the Tampa Fringe?

A new, diverse group of friends and fans – Frands?!

Describe the context of your work and where you come from?

Though I’m from Brooklyn, my initial work in this particular voice grew out the Lower East Side of Manhattan beginning at the tail end of pre gentrified NYC and powering up in the futile but important and formative resistance that followed. My work for this show in particular is always changing, growing and consistently holding a funhouse mirror up to pop culture, addiction, celebrity, feminism, mental illness, politics and gender identity. Plus, it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it.

Where is home and what is it like?

Home is where the art is. Currently, that home is a loft space in Brooklyn NY. My home life is very stable and balanced by a particularly good marriage, which I think allows me to make brave, bold choices and take big risks in my artistic life

Anything else you would like to say?

I hope you will give me the opportunity to entertain you. You won’t regret it or your money back!