Featured Artist: Now What Theatre

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Kara Sevda

Can you describe how you go about making your work?

We like to make new work in a collaborative way – one that gives everyone a voice. We workshop new ideas and bounce ideas around – we’ll have the germ of something, and a room, and just get to playing.

What’s drives you as an artist/company?

Pretty much the question that is our company namesake: Now What? We became Now What Theatre firstly because of the overwhelming feeling we had of dreading graduation, and wondering what we were supposed to do on the other side of education. Shortly thereafter, we discovered a love for new work, for creation. The Now What inflection then shifted to a stance of “ok, that was cool, but what else can we do? What can we create now?” Now What is now about being excited for new work, whatever it is. We are driven by creation and a passion for what is new and compelling to us – whatever it may be: devised work, dance, puppetry, new writing, multi-media, germs of ideas, existential questions, ear-worms, moodboards…

How did you begin making work?

We started making work while we were at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. We were all there for grad school, studying acting. We liked working together, and were sad to split up after the program ended. In a way, we formed this company to ensure that we all might still work together.

One thing our readers might not know about you?

We are a Transatlantic company, which means that we have company members living on both sides of the Atlantic. Exotic, we know.

What do you most like about the work you will present at this year’s festival?

Kara Sevda is our first production together and our first international tour. As such, it has a place close to our hearts – it feels like home.

Why should audience members choose you?

We’re very attractive.

Artist in a Nutshell

"We're very attractive."

Have you ever performed in a fringe Festival before?

Have you ever been to Florida or Tampa before?

What are you most looking forward to about your visit?

Performing!! The beach!! Also, the Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter!! Also also, meeting local artist and forming connections (potentially friendships!!) with them!!

Why did you choose the Tampa Fringe?

Two other members of our graduate cohort were submitting their play (Behind the Front Lines) here, and they alerted us to Tampa’s inaugural festival. When both our shows got in, there was much rejoicing. It seemed fitting to be part of a new Fringe Festival, as we are new ourselves.

What do you hope to get from presenting on the Tampa Fringe?

Theatre is about changing the world one audience at a time. We want to make people think.

Where is home and what is it like?

Home is all over the world. It’s good to have Skype.

Anything else you would like to say?

Thanks for reading about us. If this has whet your appetite for all things Now What, please check out our website at nowwhattheatre.com. Enjoy the Fringe!