Featured Artist: Thom Mesrobian (Acting Passionate Productions)

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Can you describe how you go about making your work?

I start by finding a subject that is important to me and then decide what I want to say about that thing. Even my silliest comedies have a message to them. However all of that is useless without inspiration and you never know where that is going to strike. For my last two shows it came as the title. “FrankenChrist”, “Simpleton” once those titles popped in my head I had the respective shows plotted within minutes.

What’s drives you as an artist/company?

The beliefs that people need to heart stories told in an exciting and relevant way. It’s part of our DNA.

How did you begin making work?

I spent a lot of time in churches writing scripts for Sunday morning services. They had to communicate a point and be entertaining in less than 4 minutes. I wrote hundreds of these. A perfect training ground for creating dialog that told a story instead of preach a message.

One thing our readers might not know about you?


One thing our readers might not know about your work?

That it’s polished. We work hard on our shows and get them into really great shape for audiences which is sometimes unusual for a fringe show.

What do you most like about the work you will present at this year’s festival?

It’s a funny and knowing look behind the curtain into the world of theme park actors which I think people are curious about and it talks about the value and necessity for friendship especially between men.

Why should audience members choose you?

We have a great track record from Orlando Fringe and our audience knows they are getting a full formed, well constructed and executed night of theatre.

Artist in a Nutshell

  • Artist/Company Name: Thom Mesrobian (Acting Passionate Productions)
  • Show: Callbacks
  • From: Lakeland, Florida
  • Website: Facebook Site

Have you ever performed in a fringe Festival before?

Describe your most memorable fringe Festival experience.

Selling more tickets than anyone else at the 2016 Orlando Fringe and winning best musical with “Simpleton: The Legend of President Trump”. It was a personal and critical triumph.

Have you ever been to Florida or Tampa before?

What are you most looking forward to about your visit?

Meeting a bunch of new artists!

Why did you choose the Tampa Fringe?

I love the fringe concept and look to support it where ever I can.

What do you hope to get from presenting on the Tampa Fringe?

To be part of this festival from the beginning and help build it into an annual institution.

Describe the context of your work and where you come from?

11 years and counting of theme park experience gives me a great insight into this world. I’m excited to share it with people.

Where is home and what is it like?

Lakeland Florida, 35 minutes down the Hwy.

Anything else you would like to say?