So Just Exactly What Are Fringe Buttons?

Fringe Buttons Help Fringe Happen!

Our sexy TiFf buttons are the only way to see shows on the Tampa Fringe!  They’re stylish, affordable, and good for the festival!

How Many Do You Need?
You need a Button(s) for Fringe Show entry

Team TiFf are committed to bringing a variety of local, national, and international acts to Tampa and creating the best darn fringe we can for everyone involved: Audiences, local businesses, and our artists!  To this end, and to encourage as many acts as we can, we adhere to a simple set of Fringe Guidelines, first officially set down by the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF).  Among these guidelines is the requirement that all artists must receive one hundred percent of box office sales!  Traveling to far away places to perform on the fringe circuit is hard, and giving every penny back to the artists helps ensure there will be a healthy variety of acts on the road, year after year.

Because we give all of the box office take to the artists, we have to find other ways to pay for festival costs.  That’s where buttons come in!  After you’ve bought your tickets, when you go to see your show at any Tampa Fringe venue, you will be asked to show your TiFf Button.  If you don’t have one, you can buy one for five bucks!  That’s right, just five bucks gets you one of our stylish, urbane buttons and that gets you in the door.  If you lose the button, we’ll ask you to pony up the dough and buy another.  If you hold onto it, you can keep using the same button for the entire festival.