The Dog Show


 Dog Show Comedy (New York, NY) presents:

The Dog Show

Weds May 9 6:45pm, Thurs May 11 9:15pm, Sat May 12 7pm


THE DOG SHOW is a new breed of sketch comedy. Sometimes subtle, often outrageous comedy sketches that parody, spoof, pastiche, and lay utter waste to topics ranging from world history, pop culture, surrealism, and good ol’ Americana. A New Jersey native comedy quartet that has made good use of their (very expensive) college educations, The Dogs will be bringing their hour-long sketch comedy revue, WASTE OF A GOOD PUN to the Second Annual Tampa International Fringe Festival.

If you’re looking for a good clean laugh, or to learn more about yourself through a heart-warming tale of overcoming adversity, this is (probably) not the show for you. But as long as you’re here, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the only show bold enough to call itself THE DOG SHOW without actually having any dogs whatsoever.

THE DOG SHOW presents WASTE OF A GOOD PUN. Written and performed by Mike Patierno,
Claudio Venancio, Peter Coleman, and Ryan Correll. For more information, follow The Dogs on Facebook at


Comedy – 1 Hour
Tickets: $8 (+$3 festival support fee)

What is the Tampa International Fringe Festival? An uncensored performing arts festival May 3-12, 2018, featuring over 200 performances from companies all over the world, across all genres of live art – comedy, music, magic, and more.