The His-Tory Of The Magical Majestic Mr. Ocean

Featured Artist ProfileLadell Thomas aka Mr: Ocean (Belleville, NJ) presents:

The His-Tory Of The Magical Majestic Mr. Ocean

Fri May 12 9:40pm, Sat May 13 9:25pm, Sun May 14 1:20pm


This show will take you through a concise and animated story of how Mr. Ocean was created. From a shy little puddle boy to an Ocean of a man. He will show you what happens when you cook up some dance and add a dash of humor into the mix.

Dance/Comedy – 45 Minutes
Buy Tickets: $10


In this show, Mr. Ocean shows the artistic flexibility of dance and its relation to comedy. It’s the story of a boy, with no rhythm that turned to dance. And the trials and tribulations he went through, in order to make up for the huge embarrassment he suffered one fated night. Through the style of animation and popping, you will see parts of the story come to life in a more visually appealing way!

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