The Sibyl of Mars

Giant Nerd Productions (Seattle, WA) presents:

The Sibyl of Mars

Thurs May 3 8:45pm, Fri May 4 6:15pm,  Sat May 5 7:30pm,

Mon May 7 7:15pm, Tues May 8 6pm, Weds May 9 10:15pm

The Sibyl, a seer from Mars, has been sent to Earth to steal ancient records of the planet’s original colony mission – against an interplanetary peace treaty. She must piece information together decaying, scattered records to learn why her home world’s ecosystem is collapsing, before Earth authorities erase her memories and ship her back to the Red Planet, useless to its struggling inhabitants. Using tarot cards to trigger each piece, Sibyl works with her audience to form a plan.

L. Nicol Cabe is an award-winning science fiction storyteller and solo performer. She has previously toured two critically-acclaimed scifi solo performances – “Infinite Expectation of the Dawn” and “Tidal Surge,” and is excited to tour her third speculative fiction piece. In her home base Seattle, she directs, dramaturgs, writes for, and sometimes performs with wonderful theatre companies like Copious Love Productions, Annex Theatre, Theater Schmeater, Taproot Theatre Company, and Infinity Box Theatre Project. She has also been published in Fiction Vortex online magazine.

Sci-fi Solo Show – 1 Hour
Tickets: $10 (+$3 festival support fee)

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