The Story of an Undead World

Undead Productions (Lakeland, FL) presents:

The Story of an Undead World

Thurs May 3 10:15pm, Fri May 4 9:15pm,  Sat May 5 6pm,

Mon May 7 8:45pm, Tues May 8 10:15pm, Weds May 9 7:30pm

“The Story of an Undead World, a rock opera”, is set in modern time.  Taking place in a small town called Evansfield, Illinois, we meet Doctor Steven Matthews who is desperately trying to find a way to save his son. A recent experiment has gone horribly wrong and has sent the town into a zombie filled ruin. With Dr. Matthews causing the outbreak and Jason, Kourtney and Bart witnessing these monsters come to life right before their lives in the lab as medical students, it is only a matter of time before they have to make a choice. Save yourself or save the one you love? Get lost in the heavy guitar riffs and the pummeling double bass drumming as you follow the lives and stories of these survivors and see how they will have to pay the ultimate price for one man’s attempt at defying life.

Metal Rock Musical – 1 Hour
Tickets: $8 (+$3 festival support fee)

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