The Weyward Sisters

Arcane Arts (St Petersburg, FL) presents:

The Weyward Sisters

Thurs May 3 7:30pm, Fri May 4 11:30pm,  Sat May 5 6pm,

Sun May 6 4:15pm, Thurs May 10 10pm, Sat May 12 7:30pm

Three witches come together on a shadowy heath.  There they prophesy of a bloody happenstance and ambitious fortune.  Macbeth’s mind is filled with possibility. Pushed toward a bloody conclusion by his wife, Macbeth takes the crown by force.  The guilt of the deed thick upon them, Lord and Lady Macbeth recoil from their ill gained goods. The crown and kingdom secured, Macbeth will do anything to keep it, turning on friends and enemies alike.  As regret and horror close in, Lady Macbeth descends into nightmarish lunacy. A lone champion, Macduff, rises from the ashes of a scorched Scottish countryside to challenge the murderous usurper.

Weyward Sisters strips Shakespeare’s classic tale of ambition, murder, and madness down to the essentials to focus on the human connections buried within this inhuman play. Developed through devising techniques with an emphasis on movement, Weyward Sisters delves into the psychological trauma of confronting the supernatural, fore knowledge of personal fate, and loss of loved ones. This three-woman show, centered around the witches, combines Shakespeare’s rich language with devising theatre’s complex physical expression into a nightmarish glimpse of the visceral reality of regret and loss.

1 Hour
Tickets: $10 (+$3 festival support fee)

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