There Ain’t No More: Death of a Folksinger

Willi Carlisle Productions (Fayetteville, AR) presents:

There Ain’t No More: Death of a Folksinger

Thurs May 11 9:10pm, Fri May 12 10:55pm, Sat May 13 12pm


In a raucous one-man operetta based on legends of American folk music and the early vaudeville stage, a bawdy old folksinger tries to burn the barn down one final time
before his last waltz is called.

The play takes place during the folksingers last performance. Facing the life he has led and the legacy he will leave behind, the medication-addled musician uses every trick he knows to confront his lost love, his experience of war, years of political activism, adventures into the American wilderness, and gig after gig spent in folk-music obscurity.

Musical Theatre – 1 Hour
Buy Tickets: $13


Developed in a collaboration with writer, performer and Ozark renaissance folklorist Willi Carlisle and director Joseph Fletcher the play is the product of five years of research, down-home poetry, square dances, music-mentorship, and folklore in the mountains of the Arkansas.
Picking up his banjo, fiddle, guitar, harmonicas, and an old accordion, Willi Carlisle guides us through a life in song that will make audiences laugh, clap, and sing. Is there any vitality in the music of our great-grandparents, or are some things mean to die out entirely? Can sixty years of dogged, self-reliant work validate the existence of an old windbag? To find out, combine a handful of dirty jokes, a couple of puppets, a mask, a crankie, and an authentic and sometimes troubling musical tradition. Bake on High for 60 minutes, and you’ve got There Ain’t No More: Death of a Folksinger. It’s ragged, but right!

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