This Show is Meshuga!

Zazu Productions (Largo, FL) presents:

This Show is Meshuga!

Thurs May 3 8pm, Sat May 5 9:15pm,  Sun May 6 4:45pm,

Weds May 9 9:45pm, Thurs May 10 8:45pm, Sat May 12 5:45pm

What do you call the neurotic actress and Bubbie (grandma in Yiddish), with a constant need to improvise and challenge herself?   Meshuga!.. This is a solo performance improv show…stuff will happen…come along for the ride…wacky…serious.. surprising…shtick…not schlock…you…me…your friends…strangers…who…what?

This crazy show is an improvised solo performance adventure…with audience interaction–every show unique, a mish-mash stuffed with quirky characters that take hasty shape before your very eyes.  Anything could happen, but something happening is guaranteed!

The only person in this show is Francine Wolf.   For those of you who have seen her in Columbus Playback Theatre, BAIT improv, Stuff Happens Improv Theatre or in other live theatre performances, (most recently at Just for Laughs Dinner Theatre in “Sex Please, We’re Sixty,”) you can blame her entirely for this one—she’s probably just having some senior moments.

Wolf was directed by the award-winning improv instructor and founding member of Florida Studio Theatre’s long-running  improv troupe, FST Improv, Christine Alexander.

Solo Improv Comedy – 45 Min
Tickets: $8 (+$3 festival support fee)

What is the Tampa International Fringe Festival? An uncensored performing arts festival May 3-12, 2018, featuring over 200 performances from companies all over the world, across all genres of live art – comedy, music, magic, and more.