TiFf Donation Center

Thank You for Considering TiFf!

Donations from people like you help us make the Tampa Fringe a reality!  Whether you give a few dollars or a more substantial gift, we appreciate you!

Where the Money Will Go

Your money will go to help us cover festival costs and keep our artist fees low, so that we can continue to draw talented and diverse artists from across the nation and around the world to Tampa for you!  Here are just a few of the ways we use donations from people like you!

  • Venue costs: Our venues have all been fantastically generous with their spaces and their time, and we can’t thank them enough for helping us find homes for all of our fantastic shows.  Still, space isn’t free and, in some cases, we still have to shoulder some of the costs of putting up shows.
  • Festival needs: From fabricating buttons and buying punch for our VIP events, to paying for web server space and ordering t-shirts for our volunteer staff and our merch table, there are a lot of miscellaneous costs associated with an operation as complex as putting up even a fledgeling fringe festival.
  • Business costs: We are working hard to become a member festival of the Canadian association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF) – this membership serves as a ‘good housekeeping’ seal of approval, letting you know we’re dotting all of our i’s and crossing all of our t’s, but membership has its costs.  In addition, we will need to incorporate and organize ourselves as an independent non-profit organization during the coming year.
  • Artist support: From finding accommodations for out of town artists to providing world-class technical and artistic support, we want to provide the best experience possible for our artists so that they will keep coming back and, just as importantly, so that they will tell their friends about Tampa and TiFf!
  • Festival staff:  Almost everyone working on this festival is volunteering their time to help us make it happen.  We appreciate the gift of our volunteer time, and we want to be able to say thanks.  Helping out with transport costs, covering shift refreshments, and covering the cost of volunteer comp tickets (our artists still need to get paid for those seats) are just a few of the costs associated with keeping our volunteers happy and healthy!

What You Get

We have several formal tiers of thanks for our generous sponsors!

For donations of less than fifty dollars, we will put your name on our Wall of Fame, and you will be the recipient of our undying gratitude!

Donors offering a gift of fifty dollars or more will receive special thanks on the website, and a complimentary t-shirt.

For donations of a hundred dollars or more, we have the below guide: