Who, Me.

Featured Artist ProfileRob Lloyd (Melbourne, Victoria Australia) presents:

Who, Me.

Fri May 12 7:45pm, Sat May 13 8:15pm, Sun May 14 1:30pm


After sell-out seasons in Chicago, Edinburgh, Sydney and Melbourne, comedian and Doctor Who fan Rob Lloyd (BBC America’s Doctor Who: Earth Conquest) is here to explore the boundaries of his obsession with the Time Lord.


Comedy – 1 Hour, 10 Minutes
Buy Tickets: $13



Since 1996 Rob Lloyd has dedicated himself to amassing as much Doctor Who knowledge and paraphernalia as he can afford. With his replica Jon Pertwee era sonic screwdriver in hand and dressed in his tenth Doctor get up, he is ready to jump head first into finding out how and why he got here!

Is Doctor Who guilty of inciting in him a debilitating obsession, or has it shaped him into a well-rounded, mentally-sound member of society?

You don’t need to be a Doctor Who fan to enjoy this hysterically funny show  it speaks to anyone who has known obsession.

Court is now in session!

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