The 2023 Tampa International Fringe Festival will take place in historic Ybor City and will feature a variety of shows — clown to improv, burlesque to theatre, and more — from May 10 – 14!

How to Fringe 

Welcome to our 6th annual performing arts festival — where you can Peace, Love and Binge on Fringe! Tampa Fringe is an international festival of indie performance: From stand up and improv, to theatre and dance, to weird performance art, we have it all — at bingeable rates!

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Tampa Fringe is an annual uncensored performing arts festival that takes place in Historic Ybor City. The 2022 festival had 23 companies producing a multitude of individual events and performances across ten days.

Check out the list of Awards, Accolades and Images from the 2022 Festival!

2022 Festival Awards

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As an arts incubator, Tampa Fringe can’t do anything without you! If you would like to further support the fringe, donating is a great way to help us out. Funds to go everything from venues, to artist grants, to staffing, and more, and 2023 is a BIG year of growth for us! We appreciate any help we receive. For a more specific relationship, please see our Sponsorship page. Donate For Artists Host an Artist Become a Sponsor

About Tampa Fringe 

We are Tampa’s only open-access, uncensored, international fringe theatre festival. We adhere to the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF) model in that we:
  • Are primarily based around indoor performing arts productions.
  • Are completely uncensored.
  • Accept companies through a lottery.
  • Return 100 percent of the money generated from ticket sales to the artists themselves.
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