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The Light Bringer

Best of Fest

Freedom, but at what cost? A Palestinian immigrant and her family find more freedom in the US than expected. A true-life storytelling show written and performed by Laila Lee, directed by Bill Pats. In this one-woman show, Laila brings to light her experiences growing up Muslim in the American South, and how she discovers her own place in the world.

Dr. Porkenheimer’s Porn Factory

Most Views Award

Tampa’s infamous filthy playwright & alternative historian Christen Hailey is back with a decidedly raunchy new episode of the weirdest show about porn writers you’ll ever see. First brought to life in last year’s Fringe hit, Sexy Sexy Murder, the mysterious Dr. Mantis Porkenheimer is the visionary and dirty rich inventor of a variety of pleasure-enhancing tools and tonics, most famously Dr. Porkenheimer’s Boner Juice - “if you get a boner for more than four hours, call all your friends and brag about it!”

Mr. Yunioshi

The Good Social Award

Mickey Rooney's infamous performance as Mr. Yunioshi in Breakfast at Tiffany's is often pointed to as the most egregious example of yellowface in the movies. His over the top characterization is cringe-worthy to watch to this day, but it also raises several questions: Should actors really have the opportunity to play any role? Could there ever have been a "right" way for him to play it? And what compels an actor to play a character that they really probably shouldn't be playing? Asian-American writer/performer J. Elijah Cho attempts to explore these topics and more in his show, Mr. Yunioshi.

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