Deep as Hell

Presented by 2Sheets Theatre Co
South Portland, ME

National Show

Portland, Maine based 2Sheets Theater Company is travelling 2,000 miles to make art and tell stories to strangers. Deep As Hell is a 2Person sketch comedy show about Robi, who is a robot, and their creator, who isn't. The show is interspersed with irreverently relevant scenes about belly buttons, poetry, and monkeys. There are definitely high flying switcheroos afoot. Come see boobytraps: bamboozlements: farcical and frantic scenes of fraternity, fallacy, futility, and other f-words too.

2Sheets had a semi-prolific year in 2018, mounting ten productions across three states. Their interdisciplinary approach has kept audiences on their toes and established 2Sheets as some of the highest caliber new work being created in Maine. One Portland Man described a 2Sheets show as such: "Time and circumstance veer and shift, but not for a second do [the actors] waver from the ultimate actorly challenge: BEING PRESENT, soul and body, hearing one another!"

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